Welcome to the yummiest, friendliest corner of the internet – the home of the best caterers in Pretoria. We are the Laughing Chefs, and we love cooking! Almost as much as we love celebrating, and almost as much as we love people.

If you came over here to look for wedding, corporate or informal caterers in Pretoria, you sure came to the right place! We have been doing what we love for more than 15 years, and according to clients who know what they are talking about we are quite good at what we do. They say they can taste our passion!

Although we specialise in any function where food is served there are a few that we love doing more than others. Our favourites? Weddings, and any private cheffing occasion. Oh and tapas! We used to own the first tapas restaurant in Pretoria (possibly in Gauteng) and still love making those types of bites.

We are the preferred caterers at a few stunning wedding venues – for more info on the venues as well as our offering there, send us an email so we can put you in touch with the right people.

But – we also work at other venues, so if you find the venue we can do the food

We are a mother-and-daughter team who tackles life the same way as we tackle a function: with a relaxed attitude, a joke, and a welcoming smile. We treat our clients like family and friends, except they never have to help with the dishes.

If you want to become part of the family, send us a message – we would love to welcome you to our parts of the wood. It sure tastes good here!

Our serving team

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