Offering food services from corporate catering and product launches to private cheffing and special celebrations, we bring the luxury and magic to you. 

Private cheffing

This is one of our favourite things to do. If you book a private cheffing event with us we come and take over your kitchen for the duration of the event. We cook there, we serve from there, then we clean and leave it the way we found it. Our serving staff makes sure that everything runs smoothly. We customise the menu to suit your needs, tastes, and budget, and can supply everything from cutlery and crockery, glassware, staff, cleaners, flowers, decor and more.


Wedding catering is one of the most specialised forms of catering – your entire wedding’s success relies heavily on the food. Give your guests great food and they will talk about your wedding for long to come. What makes us unique, other than our stellar service and winning smiles? Our willingness to tailor your menu to your tastes. We can customise any menu for you, and would love to do so! 

Corporate catering

We bring the food to your next corporate event. The service is either drop of and go (we set-up the food bar/buffet area/serving area) where you enjoy the food on your own time. Our serving ware etc. is then collected later, or we can stay and help you serve your guests. Our menu offering includes platters for a finger lunch or a fancy cocktail do, buffets, plated meals, individual boxed meals, snacks, interactive food bars – basically anything that you can think of!

Private catering

For your next special celebration, we do the food at the venue of your choice. That can be your own home, another venue, a rented hall, the Botanical gardens, no matter the space. We can help you get tables, chairs, linen, decor, etc. Our food offering includes drop-of-and-go or waited service where we stay to serve your guests. Our menus range from the much loved classical boerekos to more exotic tapas menus, and we are more than willing to customise a menu for you!

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All prices & menus are samples and can be customised to suit your style,  budget & needs.