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Weddings are a chance for couples to celebrate their life together by incorporating the things that matter most to them in their ceremonies, which is why veganism and sustainability are top wedding trends of 2020.

Planning a vegan wedding without any animal-derived products can be difficult, so Zola created the ultimate vegan wedding planning guide to help couples plan their dream wedding.

Planning a plant-based wedding:

1. Choose a vegan-friendly caterer

Delicious food is a top priority for a great party, and this can be extra intimidating for vegan couples hosting non-vegan guests. This means choosing the right caterer is huge. Luckily caterers are beginning to embrace veganism and are creating menus to accommodate any guest’s dietary needs.

Plant-based meals of flavorful seasonal produce are perfect for vegan plates and are extra sustainable. If you’re a fan of comfort foods, there are plenty of vegan recipes so you can serve favourite dishes that every guest will love.

2. Hire a vegan baker

Sweet treats are a wedding tradition and many guests will be looking forward to the cake. There is no shortage of vegan alternatives to butter, milk, and eggs in baking, and many local bakers already offer vegan options in their shop. So you can have your choice of cake, macarons, or doughnuts and eat it, too.

3. Prepare creative food stations

Interactive food stations are a growing trend that’s perfect for a vegan wedding. A vegan charcuterie board or olive oil bar is fun and unique, and dessert tables are always a hit that can show how vegans can enjoy sweets, too. Everyone is guaranteed to find something they like, and it’s great entertainment.

4. Plan for a vegan bar

Alcohol isn’t always vegan—beers and wine often use animal-derived ingredients for flavour and filtration. Liquor is typically vegan, so you can get creative with themed-cocktails. If you prefer wine, no worries! There is no shortage of vegan breweries and wineries to support. Just be sure you communicate your preferences with your bartender ahead of time.

5. Buy fresh flowers

Making your own bouquet seems like an easy DIY, but it takes a lot of time, money, and storage without any guarantee it will turn out well. Faux flowers are often made of silk and their production and shipping carry a huge carbon footprint. Save yourself the time and guilt—hire a local florist and know that your floral arrangements will be perfect.

6. Choose fruit and veggie centrepieces 

Fresh produce can be the perfect way to add colour to your decor. Bonus, they taste great and reinforce your plant-based theme. Clean-up is extra easy since leftovers can be taken as favours, donated, or composted.

7. Accept donations instead of gifts

Skip the registry and request that guests donate to your favourite charity. Prove your commitment to ending animal-cruelty and save yourself the time organizing hundreds of gifts. If you already have a wishlist, you can donate in your guests’ honour instead of ordering favours.

8. Style a cruelty-free look

Many cosmetic brands still heavily rely on animal parts and testing, but there is a growing collection of vegan alternatives. There’s a good chance you’ll find a great vegan beautician in your city, but if you’re hiring a non-vegan make-up artist ask that they use vegan products. Look out for common ingredients like beeswax, shellac (secretion from beetles), and carmine (made of crushed bugs).

Your outfit may not be vegan, wither. Avoid fabrics like silk and wool that are popular in formal wear. Keep an eye out for vegan-leather when accessory shopping, and try to find ethically-sourced garments and jewellery to make sure no animals or people were harmed for your big day.

Your ceremony is your celebration of love and lifestyle, so make sure it’s an authentic reflection of you. Start the rest of your life without guilt and have a happy vegan wedding!

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