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Summer days, drifting away to… uh oh, those summer nights. Getting hot under the collar when looking for a summer wedding groomsmen gift? Stay cool as we’ve got the lowdown on some of the hottest presents around.

Now you may be in the throes of planning a destination wedding, beach wedding or an event during the warmer months. Regardless, you will need to ensure your bros are well covered and we aint talkin’ bout from the shade!

And the options are as endless as an open bar… that’s if you are having one. First things first. You might want to ponder about a practical groomsmen gift that’s great for a wedding of this nature. 

Something that your gang will want to use again and again and yet is functional enough for him to not discard when landing at the airport. 

Show some appreciation for your buddies with a perfect pair of flip flops, great for a stroll or to kick back after your big bash. Or how about a few tasteful and contemporary accessories to elevate his wedding attire? 

Just hang on…don’t sweat about it. Whether distinguished gent, debonair man or inner nerd, consult our top picks to ensure you don’t melt under pressure. 

1. Hampton Collection Personalized Ice Bucket

Keep your bro’s champagne permanently on ice thanks to this sleek ice bucket chiller.

Etch a name and memory that will serve your pal long after the rice has been chucked. Made from sturdy stainless steel, if bubbly’s not his game, he can keep his favorite tipple secure – ideal for those long summer soirees. 

Rust and tarnish proof, double insulation walls prevent ice from melting away. Oh that’s cool, that’s very cool. Featuring a handle and removable lid, this classy groomsmen gift is as handsome as Piers Brosnan and as tough as Brock Lesnar. 

So chill out and keep those drinks coming.

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2.Personalized BBQ Grill Tool Set

Nothing says summer more than a barbecue. 

For pit lovers and grill fiends, this comprehensive tool kit is perfect for hosting your gang and whipping up a culinary storm outdoors. Maybe there’s a big grill where your event is taking place.

Portable and ergonomic, take this 4 piece super set to the beach or round to his homies for a foodie frenzy. But what’s in the box? Check out the prongs on those forks while the spatula is versatile for all manner of delights. 

From sizzling steaks to marvellous marinades, your buddy will have all the tools he needs to make a feast. Whack on personalization including his family name for the ultimate summer wedding gift. 

Now that’s smokin!

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3. Personalized Golf Ball Pint Glass

Why not kill two birds with one groomsman stone with this sublime personalized golf ball glass. 

Crack open a cold frosty one and enjoy the moment with your gang under the sun. There’s really nothing like pulling up a pew at the bar and sipping from your own glass.  Toast your big day effortlessly as sport and drink come together in the greatest of matches. 

The neat thing about this gift is the fact that the actual golf ball is suspended within the glassware. Add your friend’s name, wedding date or initials for that memorable gift he will want to use, not just at the 19th hole. 

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4. Custom Sunglasses

Make a specstacular impression with your buddies and go all out with some sunnies. 

Ideal for outdoor weddings, your bros will totally look the dapper gent in a pair of shades. Transform your men into the King of Cool while offering protection to those all important peepers. 

A must have groomsmen accessory, make it a memorable gift that will last for many summer weddings. We love the personalization and detail on these babies. Choose from different types of frames, lenses, wings and ear socks. 

A practical gift if ever there was one, your men can use these groovy glasses for a variety of summer celebrations and more. 

So as Pink once declared… it’s time to get this party started. 

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5. Personalized Whiskey Stone Gift Set

Sip and pore over your future nuptials together with a fabulous engraved whiskey stone gift set. 

Nothing beats a nice wee dram of whiskey on the rocks. And with these stones, make his scotch cool in no time without compromising on taste or flavor. 

But don’t stop there as it works precisely the same for bourbon and rye. Presented in a smart gift box made from bamboo, your men can enjoy 9 stainless steel stones and tongs for good measure.

However hot your big day is, your boys can enjoy their honeyed nectar both shaken and stirred. 

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