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An interactive bar for a unique wedding experience, Laughing Chefs Lerato Motau, Pretoria wedding caterers and private chefs

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is how precious the time we spend with our loved ones is. And sharing your special day with the ones you love really is the gift of having a wedding day.

We all know that the bride and groom are the stars of their wedding day. However, this may leave some guests feeling left out. More and more couples provide their guests with interactive activities like photo booths, creative food stations or a classic gin bar.

Here is a wedding trend that’s sure to make your guests feel more involved on your special day.
An interactive bar serving cocktails designed by the bride and groom. This is a great way to
engage your guests and provide something that they could remember your wedding with. The
couple can use these to share their love story through the cocktails. For example the drink the
couple shared during their first day, which could be titled “I knew she/he was the one” cocktail.
Or “the girl code” for the first time he meets the girls.

Wedding guests could be included even more by allowing them to create a cocktail based on
their favourite memory of the happy couple. Stories from their childhood that led them to their
special day.

Furthermore, the newlyweds could choose to dedicate the cocktails to the friends and family
members who have influenced their relationship. After all the wedding is not only to celebrate
the union of two people but two families. The parents are usually the most important family
members at the wedding. Including the extended family members in this way could be a great
way to show gratitude for all the support that they have given the bride and groom as individuals
and as a couple. “Noami ” is a cocktail dedicated to all beloved aunts who are never afraid to
make you face reality, like the importance and sanctity of marriage.

I knew she/he was the one cocktail recipe

Makes 2 glasses
● Lime soda 330ml
● Grape juice 330ml
● Gin 86ml
● Ice cubes
In a jug, pour the grape juice, like soda and gin. Stir them together. Add ice to the glasses. Pour
the cocktail into glasses and enjoy.

The girl code recipe

Makes 1lt
● Sparkling wine 750ml
● Grapefruit juice 200 ml
● Honey TT
● Grapefruit rind (garnish)
Start by peeling a grapefruit. Set the peels aside to be used for garnish. Juice the grapefruit.
Pour the grapefruit juice into a jug. Then add the sparkling wine. Lastly, add some honey. Pour
the cocktail into a glass. Garnish with grapefruit rind and enjoy.

The Noami recipe

Makes 2 glasses
● Lemons 2
● Limes 2
● Savanna dry 500ml
Put a grill pan on medium heat. Cut the lemons and limes into quarters. Grill the limes and
lemons for 2mins.Set aside some grilled lemons and limes for garnish. In a jug, smash the
grilled lemons and limes to release the juices. Pour the chilled Savanna over the smashed
citrus. Pour the cocktail into a glass and garnish with a grilled lemon/lime

These are just a few cocktail ideas. The bar does not need to be limited to the cocktails
designed by the newlyweds, however, they could be used as the signature drinks of the night
and used as the welcoming drinks, or the cocktails used during speeches from friends and

Finally, remember that these cocktails are to give your guests a unique experience and to share
in the couple’s journey. More importantly, these cocktails will encourage the guests to interact
with and get to know new friends and family that the newlyweds have brought together for the
wedding. And who knows your wedding could be where a new couple meets and starts their

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