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3 top tips from wedding caterers to help you keep calm on your wedding day, Laughing Chefs wedding caterers blog

Planning any function can be stressful, so it is no surprise that planning a wedding usually sends any couple into a panic. It may seem like remaining calm on your big day is impossible, even unthinkable.

We are here to tell you it is entirely possible if you follow our 3 top tips. As wedding caterers, we can assure you that with the help of professional wedding caterers, who have years of experience and
perfected techniques, your wedding day can be free of anxiety.

Here is the list of our top 3 tips to help keep you calm on your wedding day:

Fortune Favours the Prepared and Well-Planned

Every couple has a vision for their special day. Planning is crucial to ensure that your wedding day is a success. Prepare yourself for any possible scenario. Write down the vision you have and plan every detail. A to-do list may just be key to staying calm. Whether you are a DIY bride or have hired a professional wedding planner, taking care that every moment of the special day is planned out may give you a sense of confidence. And then make peace with the fact that something is bound to go wrong – and that is ok!

Don’t be afraid to continually follow up with everyone who will play a role at your wedding. Every plan must have a backup plan. So checking up on everyone from your vendors to the wedding party and the venue before the big day gives you some time to bounce back from unexpected setbacks. Just remember to give over to a trusted person (see tip no 2) on the day – you don’t want to be running everything while you are supposed to be enjoying your big day!

Get a Trusted Wingman

Hire a wedding planner or ask trusted loved ones to help with the wedding preparations. Walk them through the vision you have for your wedding day. Having someone to share the responsibility will help you focus on enjoying the day. Whether you get a professional or a loved one, they must be well versed in events management. That kind of experience will go a long way, especially when handling troublesome guests or unexpected things.

Allow me to say it again: fortune favours the prepared. Anything that could go wrong might go wrong, so prepare your wedding coordinator as best as you can. Consider how you would like them to handle any last minute glitches such as unexpected guests or flimsy vendors. But again – make peace with the fact that something might go wrong!

Hire Professionals As Far As Your Budget Allows (Especially For The Big Things)

Hiring your cousin’s child to be your wedding photographer may sound like a good idea, especially if you factor in the cost savings. On the other hand, getting professionals may cost more, but theoretically, you can rest assured that it will be taken care of. Professionals come armed with expertise in solving dilemmas that may arise. So take the load off and get some experienced, reputable assistance from local companies.

Professional wedding caterers and wedding planners who have organized several weddings will take some pressure off of planning your wedding day. When working with professional wedding caterers, you are guaranteed to have reliable, quality service, as well as the benefit of vast knowledge and experience. Above all, you’ll have caterers that are certified by the local government to safely feed your guests.

Planning every detail with your wedding team and making sure you have a clear vision for your wedding will make the process easier. An experienced and trusted caterer like Laughing Chefs along with these tips will bring you ease and confidence on your big day.

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