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Your wedding day is finally here! After months of planning, you have succeeded in creating your dream wedding with memories to last a lifetime. Now you want to make sure your friends and family have a keepsake to remember the day. Wedding favours are a great way to say thank you to your guests for joining you in celebrating your love. If done correctly they can leave a lasting impression.

Wedding favours have evolved to be more creative. Modern couples choose to use keepsakes to reflect their shared experiences or interests. For example, couples can select a favour based on shared hobbies, their favourite snack or a precious memory. Favours may also mirror the theme of the wedding or be a personalized souvenir such as a wine bottle from a local winery. Give your younger guests a wedding favour that is more age-appropriate. A little keepsake that can also entertain them throughout the reception. Take it a step further and send them off on a treasure hunt for souvenirs.

There are many things to consider when planning a wedding. Leaving you with very little time to search endless lists of wedding favour ideas. Keeping the wedding favours simple and meaningful may help ease the stress. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination:

Practical Favours

Favours are a small detail that could easily throw you off budget. Our advice is to keep the ideas simple and practical. Monogram wedding favours are classic and for good reason. Take an everyday item, personalize it and you’re sure to have wedding favours that your guests can use in their daily routine. Wedding keepsakes like face masks and sanitisers are guaranteed to find their place in your guests’ everyday rituals. Most importantly a wedding favour shows your guests that they are appreciated. So make it a gift from the heart.


Consider using the same candles from your reception with a special thank you note from the newlyweds.

Coasters or Place Cards

Bring in your own decorative items, like place cards or coasters, for your reception and gift them to your guests.

Bottle Opener

Personalise souvenirs from the venue that represent the theme, venue or an experience shared with the guests during the wedding weekend.

Hand Sanitiser or Face Masks

Use simple items that your guests are guaranteed to need to be personalized with the couple’s

Edible Favours

Edible favours are crowd-pleasers. Couples have ends of choices for edible favour. For example,
mini cakes or cupcakes are especially great for brides that would rather skip the dessert table. A
little late-night treat will leave a lasting impression on your wedding day.

Individual Cake

Request your cake designer for individually boxed mini cakes or cupcakes instead of a big cake.
Offering your loved ones the wedding cake as a favour will save you a lot of time while ensuring
that each guest gets cake.

Candy/Dessert/Coffee Bar

Additionally, couples may consider giving desserts or candy as a wedding favour. We don’t
recommend cocktail takeaways to encourage your guests to arrive home safely. Provide your
guests with cute takeaway boxes at the end of your doughnut, candy, or coffee bar.

Kid-Friendly Wedding Favours

A party pack filled with fun things for the kids to do. Including a scavenger hunt for items located
near the venue to keep a close watch on them.

Wedding favours are an extra expense therefore if it’s not something you’re moved to do, leave
it out knowing that your guests will still leave with the special memories and unforgettable
experiences they’ll share with you forever.

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