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By Lerato Motau

Any occasion can be made more special by hiring the right catering company to ensure that your guests are well-fed and satisfied. Planning an event can be all-consuming, so getting a professional to assist with the catering will ease the burden.

Finding the right caterer can be hard and even more so a caterer you can trust. Make social media your best friend! Nowadays we can find just about anything on the Internet and event caterers are no exception. Look for local companies on Instagram or Facebook and observe their interactions with clients.

Using social media to find a caterer will allow you to also review their portfolio. In this day and age, we can use social media to judge just how good a company is at what they do. Read the comment section to see if clients were happy with their experience. Instagram accounts are used by companies to set a tone and give customers a glimpse of what they are capable of doing.

Pictures are great and all but it is still important to meet the caterers and taste options from their menu. Better to find out any problems you might have with the food before the event. It will also help to discover how flexible they are with their menu options and if they would be able to cater for any dietary requirements your guests may have.

Different catering companies specialize in different things. Some are best at small intimate dinners while others are best at big parties. Knowing what type of event you want to have will help determine the right caterer for you. At Laughing Chefs we specialize in small and large events. We also have various service styles to suit any occasion.

Service Styles

Knowing the kind of atmosphere you want to create for your event will help determine the service style that reinforces the theme.

● Canapes

Finger foods can be served by waiters or are left on display for guests to enjoy various selections. This type of service creates a vibrant sociable atmosphere.

● Buffet

A selection of food with various options of vegetables, proteins and sides is presented alongside crockery and cutlery for guests to serve themselves.

● Plated dinner service

For a more formal setting, you might consider a plated dinner service. Your guests will stay seated and be served their individually plated dinner by waiters. We often offer guests salad once they have received their plate to reduce service time.

● Family style

Additionally offer a plated dinner service with a personal touch, family-style. This offers your guest a seated dining experience with large platers of food for guests to pass around the table. Similar to how you’d serve your family dinner at home.

Elevate your hosting skills by choosing the right caterer for your event with the help of this short guide from a trusted catering company.

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