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By Lerato Motau

Hosting a corporate event can be an enormous task. Even more so when juggling a busy schedule. Why not take the load off and hire professional corporate event caterers. Hiring a professional caterer will save you time and anxiety in curating the best menu to wow your colleagues and employees. Finding the right caterer is easier said than done. And that is why we at Laughing Chefs want to offer you advice on what to consider when choosing the most satisfactory catering service for your corporate event.

Tips for selecting the best catering service for your corporate event.

Determine the budget and headcount

There are several things to consider before hiring a catering service. The first thing is the budget, but even before you can determine the budget you must know how many people will be in attendance. Together these will help you narrow down your search for a catering service.

Different catering services have various types of functions that they specialize in. Some may focus on small intimate functions while others are better at large-scale functions. So having an approximate headcount is important in making sure you have a capable catering company to deliver on your expectations. Ask your guests to RSVP to give you a rough idea of the number of guests you can expect. We recommend that you overestimate the number of extra guests that might show up on the day. Rather have extra food than leave your guests hungry and disappointed.

As the saying goes “money talks”, the budget is the first task in planning your corporate function. This will help you know what kind of catering service you can afford (buffet, fine dining or canapes served by waiters) or if you even have room to hire a catering company. Knowing how much the company is willing to spend on refreshments is also critical for the next step in your preparations.

The menu

Determining the menu as well as the type of service will depend on your budget. Furthermore, the type of function the company will be having will help determine the type of services. If you intend on having a casual function for employees to mingle then a buffet or finger food served by waiters may be better suited. However, if you plan on having a program with speakers then a plated dinner will save time and focus your guest’s attention on the speaker.

We recommend having options on the menu. Implore your guests to specify any dietary restrictions on their RSVPs. Your guests may have different restrictions based on their culture, health or lifestyle such as a gluten-free diet, vegetarianism etc. Having this information will be indispensable to your caterer in preparation for a menu that can satisfy all your guests.

Communication and synchronization

To ensure the best quality food, your caterers need to know the exact time your guests will be ready to be served. The biggest challenge in catering for a large number of people is ensuring quality control. This can only be achieved with the assistance of the event coordinator. At Laughing Chefs, we pride ourselves on making sure that all your guests receive fresh, warm food no matter the number of guests.

Corporate events are a great way to make your company memorable and to ensure employees’ morale remains high. Serving extraordinarily delicious food is guaranteed to do just that. If you are looking to impress potential clients and employees with an unforgettable corporate event, then Laughing Chefs is the place for you.

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