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Event catering for your next corporate meeting or presentation – it just makes sense to get a professional in to do it for you.

If you are planning a corporate morning event, then you know you already have a lot on your plate, even before you have planned what you will actually have on your plate! Getting an expert in will take a lot of the pressure off, and ensure you can focus on the success of the presentation or meeting and not on whether or not your guests are satisfied.

Whether you are planning on having ten or 100 attendees, scheduling a morning event is just more economical and efficient than having an event later in the day.

Why choose a breakfast event?

Although lunches used to be the way things were done, scheduling your event in the morning has many advantages. Some of these advantages even include savings.

Catching your attendees’ first thing in the morning means they are most probably still sharp, ready to focus, eager to interact and in general happy to do this first in order to get it done. They will also more likely be on time, less likely to cancel at the last minute and have fewer calendar clashes – so more likely to attend.

Spurred on by a free breakfast and (hopefully) endless coffee, it makes sense from an attendee’s point of view. But from the organiser? Well, breakfasts are usually your more cost-effective meal option, you have no reason to serve any alcohol, and you most likely will save on the venue cost. So win-win for everyone.

Planning your breakfast event

Plan your event based on the duration of the meeting or presentation.

If you are planning on keeping it short, 60 to 90 minutes, then it is best to serve the breakfast first. This way the attendees can grab their food and enjoy it at their tables while you open or kickoff the formalities.

If your event will take longer than that, the best idea would be to serve the breakfast in two parts. Upon arrival offer drinks and some pastries, such as muffins and scones or Danishes, and then break after about 90min to give attendees a more substantial breakfast. In this way, you keep them busy for the first part, feed them and then ensure you have their attention for the second part.

Trust the experts

Hiring a caterer to help you with this is crucial if you want to ensure your success. Not only do the experts know how to time the food, but they can also suggest the best-suited menu and dishes.

Depending on the size and purpose of your event, you might go for a full buffet, a plated continental, or even a more formal plated European breakfast. You might want to add on something sweet or even interactive like a waffle station, hot chocolate station or barista for espresso drinks. Working with a professional will make this a breeze – you simply give them your brief and they will give you the menu.

Planning a breakfast event?

Then contact us today for a quote! We are based in Pretoria East, but we travel around Pretoria and parts of Johannesburg. We do big and small, formal to informal, and all with a smile!

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