Laughing Chefs' special wishes for you for 2023, Laughing Chefs cateres, Weddings and functions, Pretoria

2022 might have treated you well. It might have thrown you around a bit. Or you might have emerged (thankfully intact) on the other side battered and bruised. No matter how 2022 was, 2023 can always be better. Of course, that would be a good wish, but we know you expect more of us. And so, our wishes for you for 2023 must be a bit more elaborate.

1. A year of celebrations
May 2023 be filled with victories, accomplishments and love that needs to be celebrated. Of course, reaching the weekend, or surviving a Monday, or not crying after a very difficult day are also successes, and we need to celebrate our successes. So open that bottle, pop the cork, prepare that special dish, or even better yet get someone else in to do it for you. Celebrate in style, and in comfort, in 2023.

Remember that Laughing Chefs does the best private cheffing around! Get us to do the work so you can enjoy the celebration.

2. The knowledge that happiness comes from within
May 2023 be the year that you accomplish inner peace. We wish that you will realise that only you can make yourself happy and that you do not need a lot to be happy. It is a feeling, not a thing. And if you find it difficult to reach inner peace and the happiness that comes from really knowing yourself and being in balance, book somewhere where you can spend some quiet time overlooking the bushveld, or staring up at the mountain, or listening to the waves. Outer peace might just help you with your inner peace.

Bring the family with, and get Laughing Chefs to cook for you, cause you know – no dishes are as close to happiness as can be!

3. Rosy cheeks, and tables decorated in living coral
May 2023 exceed your expectations. We predict that this year will be the year for growth and for strengthening. And in order to grow, you need to move to stay alive. If you don’t know where to go with your rosy cheeks and all, book a picnic with Laughing Chefs, sit under the trees and when you are really quiet, you might even hear us grow.

4. Loving friends and family
May 2023 be the year where you add to your friends and family. May your house be filled with joy and laughter, with sorrow and despair never crossing the threshold. There is something about celebrating life’s accomplishments that just brings you together, forging new bonds and giving new meaning to our lives. We love seeing people enter as strangers and leave as friends.

5. More chocolate cake, less guilt
May 2023 allow you to realise that health and wealth cannot be measured by a bathroom scale, and you are worth much more than the numbers on that scale. Being a bit on the heavy side, we know that sometimes a big personality needs a bit more room to breathe. This year, do you. If you are happy then great! If you are not, do something about it.

6. Less daydreaming, more hustling to make them come true
May 2023 be the year that you work smarter, not harder, to reach your dreams. If you can think it, you can do it. We love daydreaming, but also realise that if we don’t do something about it we will never wake up in a better world.

And those are the things that we wish for you for the year ahead.

May 2023 be the most blessed year yet!