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The food can make or break any special event, but for a business, the stakes are even higher.

Providing exceptional catering does more than ensure the difference between a successful or mediocre experience for your attendees. Hosting a well-planned, delicious corporate event shows your attendees and the business world that you know what you are doing and that your company can identify quality when they see it. It adds weight to your reputation and affirms your business acumen.

Seems a bit overdramatic? If you don’t trust us, then ask anybody who was forced to attend a badly catered event. They might not even remember what the topic or reason was for the conference, meeting, or other corporate events, but they will definitely remember how bad the food was!

No matter the reason for hosting an event, whether to learn, network or achieve some specific business goal, your attendees are expecting a comfortable and rewarding experience, and that usually revolves around food.

By making use of a trusted and experienced caterer, you increase your chances of hosting a successful event many folds, and the money you spend won’t come close to the rewards you reap!

What will a catering company provide you and your attendees?

Ideally, the company you choose will provide amazing food and great service – after all, that is the minimum that you pay them for. They will also be able to provide the cutlery and crockery, linen, and serving ware that you need should this not be included in your venue. To save you time and headaches, they can also do the setup, service, crisis control, breakdown, and cleaning afterward. They take responsibility for the hired equipment and items, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting everything to the venue, and returning everything afterward.

Some catering companies can even help coordinate your décor, entertainment, and corporate gifts – if you work in the industry, you usually have a few connections.

They allow you, as the host or event coordinator, to worry about other more important things, and not about the buffet setup or waiter schedules.

But even more than the above, using a caterer should enable you to give each attendee a special experience. Whether that means accommodating special dietary needs or meeting a specific request, your catering company should help you make the guests feel special, ensuring the success of your event.

How do you determine what type of catering your event requires?

To determine the menu you would want to offer your attendees, start by considering the schedule and budget. For a single-day event, such as a one-day conference, you may only need to provide breakfast and lunch. For events that stretch over a day, you might also have to think about dinners.

For events that are jam-packed with activities, you might not have time to break for extended times. In that case, snacks should be easy to serve and enjoy. Your time and budget constraints will also determine if the meals are served buffet-style or plated.

Your chosen catering company should be able to assist you in working out a menu for the day, giving you recommendations about what will fit in with your budget and schedules.

Choose the best – look for value-added caterers

Many catering companies only offer food, but then you get those, like Laughing Chefs, who will go the extra mile to help make your life easier when planning these types of corporate events. Laughing Chefs can help with the hiring, staffing, supplier recommending, and decorating of your next corporate affair. That is what sets us apart – great food, friendly service, and all the help you need!

If you are planning a corporate event in Pretoria or surrounds, contact Pretoria’s best caterers to help you make your event a success.

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