Spoiler alert: they take the stress out of planning your next corporate event.

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Hosting any corporate event takes a huge amount of time and energy to organise and plan. The list of things that you need to remember and take care of can be overwhelming. But don’t let this stop you! By hiring the right people, you can take the stress out of the whole process.

Most catering companies do only food, but here and there you find the ones, like Laughing Chefs, who can help you with a few more things other than just food. We can handle some of the planning and execution, leaving you free to focus on other important things.

Some of the things we can assist with include menu planning, décor, hiring, staffing, setting up and breaking down, and being middlemen for other suppliers such as bakers, florists, entertainment, and transport.

Venue selection

Finding and deciding on the right venue for your event can take a lot of time and energy. This includes searching for the venue, then comparing available dates with proposed dates, services provided with services needed, prices, and fees, not to mention all the site visits and follow-up calls and emails.  

By booking with us you get a selection of venues we love to work at, and with which we have very good relationships. This means better service, better prices, and of course insider knowledge on everything from what is included to what is allowed.

Menu planning

If thinking about the menu and food selections is leaving you breathless and demotivated, why not let us handle that for you?

By making use of a seasoned and professional catering company like ours, you take the time, hassle, and unnecessary spending out of the menu planning phase. We can plan the menu based on your specifications including theme, budget, service style, and dietary needs.

We sweat the small stuff so that you don’t have to

From planning the décor and flowers to ensuring all the hired linen and equipment is delivered and collected again, the Laughing Chefs team can take care of all the small details needed to bring the whole event together.

We don’t like to brag, but we are pretty good at logistics. Along with our other specialty – preparing delicious food!

Laughing Chefs know how to bring your event together, whether it’s for 50 or 500 guests. So trust us to help you stress less when planning your next corporate event. Contact us today!

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