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Planning a baby shower or gender reveal can be frustrating and stressful, whether it is your own or someone close to yours. And although it does make it a lot easier, getting professional help is not always possible. So here are our top catering tips to help take the stress out of the planning and give you that boost to ensure the event is as memorable as you would like it to be. And for the right reasons!

Although we will always recommend designing your menu based on the specific needs and budget of the function you are planning, keeping in mind things like time of day and year, location, theme, season, etc., here are some ideas that you might want to take inspiration from when planning the next baby shower or gender reveal.

Offer single-bite finger foods

By offering smaller bites, you save on a few fronts. Firstly, no plates or flatware are needed, which not only reduces costs but also wastes in the case of disposable cutlery and plates. Secondly, you can offer more variety. As a general rule, plan for five to six different bites, and work on two of each item per guest. That is a total of around 10 to 12 bites per guest, which can even be enough as a meal.

Have more than one serving station

To help ensure flow and socialization, place the food scattered around the space. This enables guests to easily grab a bite as they walk past, or as they chat nearby. By spreading the food out you also avoid guests having to stand in queues to get to the food. If guests can easily access the food you also minimize the chance of someone piling their plate, helping ensure you have enough food for all the guests.

Offer a selection of different foods

Whenever you need to cater to a group of people, you always have different tastes to consider, not to mention a variety of dietary restrictions. By offering a variety of different foods you increase the chances of offering something for everyone. A great starting point is the Mom-to-be’s dietary preferences or restrictions. Use your judgment but try to include at least a few vegetarian or vegan options to cater to guests with these specifications.  

Go easy on the themed food!

Sure, the Pinterest boards full of ideas on how to serve pink or blue food seem very cute and doable, but please keep in mind that most of these events were staged and photographed by professionals. You or your caterer might be able to pull off some of these food items but take it from us – your guests will much more appreciate a well-made bite than something that has been tinkered with to be neon pink.

When you choose an experienced caterer – like Laughing Chefs, in Pretoria – you will get all the help you need to plan and execute the menu that will work perfectly for your event. Contact us today to get more information and a personalized quote for your next baby shower or gender reveal party.

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