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Corporate catering doesn’t have to break the bank or cost an arm and a leg. In fact, by making the right choices you can cater to almost any corporate function at a cost a little higher than what it would have cost to do it yourself. And definitely a lot less than buying everything from a retailer!

Of course, hiring a caterer to help with your corporate function has more advantages than simply costs. They can also help save you time, energy, and waste by offering food that is appetising and beautiful. By going with a caterer you hire someone who will deliver the food, do the setup, provide the necessary hirings and clean up afterwards.

This ensures you look professional and organised, which in turn makes your business or company look professional and organised. Follow our top tips to help keep your costs low for your next corporate function:

Go for a cost-effective menu

The price of your menu ultimately depends on the cost of the ingredients chosen, as well as the time and effort needed to prepare the chosen menu. Some dishes and types of cuisine are more time and money intensive than others, so by choosing less expensive options you can reduce the costs.

Ask your caterer to recommend a few more cost-effective options, and if the budget allows you can always include one more expensive option.

Compare plated with buffet

Buffet service is not always the cheaper option, so please discuss this with your caterer before making up your mind. Buffet service might need less serving staff, but you need a bigger variety of dishes and the catered number of portions should be more than the attending guests to make provision for guests who take more than one portion of a certain dish. This increases the costs of the menu. Plated food on the other hand need more serving staff, but your portion size is controlled and you have less waste.

Order only as much of what you need

Resist the urge to order for more guests than those who RSVPed. We understand you are scared to run out of food, but in most cases, and from a lot of experience, we can say that rarely happens.  Speak to your caterer about the recommended numbers, and then trust them to send you exactly as much food as you will need.

Ask your caterer for their own tips, based on their experience

Don’t be shy to ask your caterer for recommendations and help keeping costs low. They should be able to assist in suggesting high-impact, low-cost menus as well as strategies to help save money.

This is especially true if you work with Laughing Chefs. We know exactly how to make you look good while keeping an eye on your budget. We spesialise in creating stress-free events that the guests and organisers will love. So contact us today for your next corporate event!

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