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No matter the event, making use of a private chef can turn any meal into a special celebration.

Whether you are planning on celebrating a business or personal event, you will be able to enjoy your day so much more if you hand over the menu arrangements to a professional. Allow them to handle the food and serving, freeing you up to enjoy the event instead of shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. And most of the time, getting private chefs in costs only a fraction more than what you would have spent if you did it yourself – and they don’t have flops!

Get the best menu for your planned event

Not only do private chefs make the event run smoother, but they can also help you choose and plan the perfect menu suited for your planned event. Whether that is for a business event, a personal milestone, or an informal get-together, they can make the experience simple and special.

Whether you prefer a buffet, plated, food stations or any combination of these styles, your chef will be able to guide you to make the best decisions regarding dishes, variety, and style.

If you would like to stick to a theme, then communicate that to your service provider to once again suggest dishes that will fit in with the theme.

Make personal celebrations more than just a get-together with family and friends

For birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other special milestones, what better way is there to celebrate than sharing a special meal with family and friends?

You don’t have to budget and save for that once-in-a-lifetime event, like a wedding, to take advantage of the services of a private chef. You don’t even have to have a large group that needs feeding. Most private chefs prefer smaller groups so that they can give extra love and attention to the menu and service. But that is not to say they cannot handle larger groups!

You choose the venue that you prefer, private chefs especially love cooking for you in your own home. They bring the food, do the set-up, serve the guests, and clean up afterward. You relax and enjoy the event like the other guests.

Take your next corporate or business event to the next level

Want to really wow your attendees? Then get in a private chef to cater for your next corporate or business event. From board meetings to AGMs to any business related event, a private chef has the experience to recommend the best menu and service style.

If you have special clients, or attendees from overseas if you want to make a meeting more memorable or impress your boss, then hiring a private chef for the event is the way to go.

Whatever occasion you want to turn into a special celebration, trusting a private chef with the planning and logistics can help make it easy, affordable and memorable.

Laughing Chefs specialises in private cheffing, so give us a call to get a quote for your next event. We look forward to showing you what we can do for you.

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