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Making use of a theme to plan your next celebration is a surefire way to kick up the fun, and get your guests involved. The tricky part? Getting the right theme.

Here is an idea – to figure out the theme, try matching your guests’ generation with a unique food theme idea. We cover all the generations, from Gen Zers to baby boomers, keeping in mind that they all have different tastes, wants, and needs.

Here are our suggestions for the perfect theme idea based on the generation of your guests:

Food themes for Gen Zers

This generation includes everyone born later than the mid-1990s. Their predominant characteristic? They like to get exactly what they want. They are also heavily into social media, barely remembering what life was like before the internet ruled everything.

If you are planning the food for an event for Gen Zers, here are some themes to consider:

Food themes for Millennials

Millennials, or people born between the late 1970s and the mid-1990s’, are known to be ambitious and tech-savvy. They love receiving praise and acknowledgment for their achievements, yet they place a lot of value on balancing work and life.

If you are planning an event for Millennials, these food ideas are sure to be a hit:

Food themes for Gen Xers

For people born between the mid-1960s to the late1970s, diversity, and culture is very important. They like options, and they prefer making their own decisions as far as possible.

For an event attended by Gen Xers, themes that can be a hit include:

Food themes for baby boomers

This generation was born before the mid-1960s. They are competitive and driven, yet also genuinely concerned about making a difference in the world. They value community, family, and history.

For the boomers, these themes can work:

Need more theme ideas? Then contact Laughing Chefs today – with more than 2 decades of experience, we are sure to have the best ideas to make your event a success, no matter who is attending.

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