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When deciding on using a caterer for any event or special occasion, you can’t be too careful in making your decision.

The catering company that you decide on will, after all, prepare and serve the food that can make or break your event. Although not a common problem, if they do not adhere to guidelines or handle the food carelessly, they can go as far as making your guests sick. On the same merit, if they make use of less than optimal or substandard ingredients and suppliers, they can produce low quality food, still with the chance of contracting a food-borne illness.

By being smart, and asking a few basic questions, you can make an informed decision that will decrease your chances of having an unpleasant experience, with possible nasty surprises.

Here are our 3 big questions you should be sure to ask your potential caterer:

Where will they prepare the food?

Experienced and professional caterers will prepare their food in a commercial and certified kitchen facility that has al the required safety measures and guidelines in place. Even if the final cooking will take place in your home or venue of choice (as is the case with private cheffing), the initial and bulk of the prep should be done in their own facilities.

You are more than entitled to ask for a tour of their kitchen should you have any doubts about the acceptability or safety, especially if you are approaching them for a big and important event.

Does the caterer have the necessary health and safety certificates and requirements?

The South African Health Department has very strict rules governing food preparation premises, and any food handler should comply with these rules. They should be certified by health and safety, and should have gone through the food handlers training. You are entitled to ask for these certificates and compliances. This also applies to the facility that they use to prepare the food in – these kitchens are inspected and ensured to be safe and hygienic.

Does the caterer have insurance?

No matter how careful and competent a caterer and their staff is, mistakes can creep in, resulting in situations beyond their control. If this happens, you want to have the peace of mind that their insurance will cover the damages.

This includes incidents from getting into a car crash on the way to the event, dropping something on a guest’s clothes or even causing physical harm by accident.

Laughing Chefs have been in the business for decades, during which time we have built up a reputation for not only personalised, but safe and reliable service. We are certified, insured and ready to serve you and your guests, giving only our best. Every time.

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