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If you have a smaller budget to make your dream day come true, then going for a variety of creative and filling canapes and finger foods instead of an elaborate meal can help you stay within your budget.

Canapes and finger foods, also known as hors d’oeuvres, are a popular way of ensuring your guests have something to eat, and do, while you are taking your couple photos. But what if you opt to serve only hors d’oeuvres at your wedding reception? Well, then we say go for it! Not only can it work out less than a traditional meal, but you also have the chance to serve something out of the box, and a bigger variety, to your guests.

Hors d’oeuvres’ literal meaning in French is “outside the body of work” – loosely translated as meaning “not the main course”. With a little creativity and guidance, you can serve a variety of dazzling small bites that your guests, and your pocket, will love.

A canape and finger foods-only menu is as suited for a wedding as it is for a corporate or any other private event, and there is an endless list of options to choose from.

Why canapes and finger foods are perfect for a budget-conscious wedding

As an alternative to a traditional plated meal or buffet, you can ensure your guests are not only satisfied but also intrigued by serving a selection of bite-size appetizers. And this should work you out a lot less than catering a full meal. By offering the food bites over a period you also ensure that guests get satiated faster, with less food.

Depending on your vision, the time available as well as the number of guests, you can have a food station, multiple stations, or have your guests be served by waiters circulating around the space with the food on trays. This option works especially well if your guests will be mingling in one or two spaces.

Cold hors d’oeuvres for wedding catering

Cold canapes and finger foods are ideal for passed appetisers or for including in your hors d’oeuvres stations.

A few options to consider as a start to your hors d’oeuvre menu:

Hot hors d’oeuvres for wedding catering

Although cold or room-temperature bites are the most practical option for most wedding catering menus, consider offering two or three hot hors d’oeuvres as a focal point. Hot options tend to be the more substantial, protein-heavy options, and will also lend comfort to a winter wedding.

Because hot appetizers will cool quickly on trays, you may prefer to limit your warm options to food stations. Or do it as we do – send out in small batches to be eaten warm.

Some excellent options to consider are:

For your vegetarian guests, consider basil and parmesan arancini with tomato chutney and mini chive pancakes with crème fraiche and red onion confit.

And to finish, a table packed out with mini dessert options such as little lemon meringue tartlets, chocolate espresso brownie squares, shots of crème brulee, and rosemary and ginger koeksister sticks.

Laughing Chefs offers a long list of delicious, high-quality hors d’oeuvres that look as good as they taste. We can also work with you to design your perfect finger food menu to fit your budget and your dream. We provide professional catering services in Pretoria East, so contact us today to learn more about our wedding catering services, designed to make your special day stress-free.

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