Fresh, funky and full of flair – vegetarian and vegan wedding food is much more than simply flavour of the month, Laughing Chefs wedding and corporate caterers, Pretoria East (1)

The move towards a more plant-based diet has steadily been gaining momentum over the last couple of years. Many converts is singing about their new-found love of all things plant and plant-based.

At Laughing Chefs we have known for a long time the power of plants – only using the freshest seasonal vegetables, and offering creative vegetarian and vegan dishes for those wishing to substitute.

If you are team plant lovers and getting married, now is your chance to show your nearest and dearest how delicious and inventive vegetable-based dishes can be. Whether you decide to include a few phenomenal veggie dishes alongside meat dishes or have the entire meal be meat-free, here are some fresh ideas for your wedding menu:


Get your guests in the mood by kicking off your wedding menu with these tasty vegetable bites:


Light, fresh and flavourful salads (from Asian flavours to Middle Eastern spices) comforting soups, a mezze of homemade hummus, spiced flat bread, and purees, who said vegetable-based starters should be boring! Here are some of our favourite ones:

The Main Event

No butternut slice or stuffed pepper to see here. These mains can hold their own against a meaty main.


Desserts containing no dairy can be just as sweet. These delicious vegan treats will not disappoint:

If you are looking for some inspiration for your vegetarian or vegan wedding catering get in touch on 0725114946 or send us an email to

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