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What you choose to serve on your big day will not only set the tone of the wedding but will also play an integral part in the success of your day. Your food will leave an impression that your guests will remember for years to come, and even talk about, so you need to ensure as far as possible that it is a good impression and not a terrible memory.

Choosing the right wedding caterer will not only help you choose the right menu, and serve the food perfectly, but they will also be there every step of the way to ensure that from their side, there are no hiccups or surprises. In order to help you be as prepared as possible, here is a simple rundown of your responsibilities to the wedding caterer to make their job as easy as possible.

When should you decide on your wedding caterer?

Most wedding venues have their own in-house caterers, in which case this step does not really apply. Should this not be the case, we would recommend that you choose your caterer no later than seven to eight months before your wedding date. And if the venue has its owns caterers, set up a meeting with them no later than two months before the big day.

The exception is that if you will be getting married in the high season, usually between September and February of the next year, you may need to choose your caterer more than a year before. Most good caterers are fully booked for these high-demand months long beforehand.

But do not freak out, you do not have to specify the details of your menu or even guest numbers, the only information they will likely need will be the date, location or venue, estimated guest count, and serving style (although this can also still change closer to the time).

Three months pre-wedding catering to-do list

With three months to go until your wedding date, your caterer will need a more realistic headcount and a semi-finalised menu.

For a realistic headcount, work on 80 percent of your invited guest list.

If your caterer is doing a tasting for you, that should be scheduled at this time. After the tasting, you will provide your caterer with your comments as well as your final dish selections. You will also have to finalise any other services the caterer will provide, such as hiring, staffing, décor, etc.

Once you have finalised these details, you will receive a cost breakdown and payment structure.

One to four weeks before your wedding to-do list

Your caterer should contact you now to ensure they have everything they need from you. They will confirm the date, time, and location of the wedding, as well as the final guest numbers. Should you have given your guests options to choose from, the caterer will need these numbers now. After the finalisation, they will give you or the venue directly a list of everything they might need on the day. The final payment should be due now.

And that should be that. If it is difficult to work with your caterers, they might not be the correct fit for you. Contact Laughing Chefs caterers for easy, transparent and affordable services 😊

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