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Although some people do believe this, catering isn’t just for weddings and other milestone celebrations. In fact, any time or reason that you need to feed a group, no matter how big or small, a caterer can assist in making the occasion more special, easier, as well as more cost-effective.

Here are the three main events where a caterer can help relieve the pressure of feeding your group.

1.   Social gatherings

 If you are planning a dinner party or any other type of social event, you are probably already stressing about the menu, doing the shopping, preparing the food, and serving it, all while trying to have fun and be part of the party.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of this taken off your shoulders? To have the food arrive already prepared or in the case of a private chef, freshly prepared in your kitchen? You can then spend your time with your guests, being part of the celebration instead of merely taking care of the celebration.

And if you would like your guests to think that you were responsible for all the great food, you can always arrange with your caterer to drop and go. You then just warm and serve 😉

2.   Corporate meetings and other business-related events

If you are the one responsible for planning your next staff meeting, board meeting, conference, or brainstorming session, getting a caterer in not only makes your job easier, it also reflects better on your skills as well as the company’s professionalism.

So many people in this position decide that the best option would be to do this themselves, paying more attention to getting the food right than thinking of the other aspects needed to make this corporate event a success. Scrambling to get the food ready is a waste of time, and often also a waste of money.

Next time, get a trusted caterer to do this for you. As part of their service, they can come in, set up the food, and provide all the serving ware. After the event is done, they will collect, and if needed, clean up. You don’t have to worry about anything food-related. They can most probably also take care of your beverages.

And the best part? If your caterer is really good, they can keep within your budget so that your bottom line does not significantly change.

3.   Other special gatherings

Whether you are planning a fundraiser, reunion, or school event, hiring a caterer can take all the hassle out of feeding your attendees.

Your caterer can assist in planning the best menu, taking into consideration all the possible dietary requirements and needs of the attendees, even for a big group. They will be able to advise you on the best serving style, from waiter service, buffet, or family style to plated. Or a combination thereof.

They will tailor the menu to provide only snacks, finger foods, or a full-on meal with as many courses as you would like to serve. They will then do the setup, and serve the food most probably, leaving you to focus on more important things.

No matter the event, using a caterer gives you the best chance of serving a menu that will leave everyone satisfied. And most of the time, at a more reasonable price than doing it yourself.

To find out how we can help make your next event a success, contact us for an obligation-free quote 😊

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